This Is Why People In Relationships Really Post 'Romantic' Statuses On Facebook
Leonardo Patrizi via Getty Images

This weekend your newsfeed was probably full of roses, heart-shaped chocolates and mushy statuses.

You'd be forgiven for assuming Valentine's PDA is just an excuse for people to show off, but it turns out social media love may actually be genuine.

According to a new study, couples who express their love on social media tend to be more satisfied in their relationship than those who don't.

Researchers at the University of Houston and Pennsylvania State University analysed the online behaviour of 188 students in relationships.

They found that those who posted loving messages about their partners were happier than those who didn't.

“Posting about one’s relationship on Facebook may be positively related to the quality of the relationship because it symbolises making a public commitment to the relationship,” lead author Mai-Ly Steers writes in the study.

“An individual is highlighting to themselves and to others that the relationship is an integral part of his or her self.”

Commenting on the study, relationship counsellor and HuffPost UK blogger Michael Kallenbach says he isn't surprised by the rise in people posting genuine loving messages on social media.

“I think the days when relationships and all that goes with it – sex on the one hand and breaking up on the other – were private matters of the heart are long over," he says.

“People like to talk about their romances, what they did or didn’t do for instance on Valentine’s Day, and whether they had sex the day before.

"Society, coupled with social media has become so much part of our every day lives, that personal relationships are right in there too.

“Whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, there appears to be so many posts and photographs about Valentine’s Day this past weekend, that this is obviously the new trend and people aren’t ashamed or scared of putting it all out there for the public to see and digest.”

So is declaring our love online always a good idea?

Caroline Brealey, dating and relationships expert and founder matchmaking agency Mutual Attraction acknowledges that there is such a thing as over sharing.

“Share pictures of your other half and the adventures you have together on Facebook and you’re probably going to be accused of being a show off. There is a fine line between sharing and over sharing - we don’t need to see the two of you snuggling under the covers," she says.

"But don’t let the haters stop you from sharing your love online with friends and family if you want to, after all it’s your Facebook wall and what you post is up to you.

"You can spend your life worrying what others think, if they don’t like what you share they can unfriend or hide you. Don’t stop being yourself in case others are offended that you seem too happy."

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