Healthy Pancakes Actually Taste Perfect

Healthy Pancakes Actually Taste Perfect

Yes, Tuesday 17th is officially the best day of February 2015 (screw you, Valentine's). The question of what you eat for each and every meal is pre-ordained – pancakes please.

Sugar-Free Mom

We can't get enough of the somewhat-seasonal circular tasties, not just because they're a great brunch choice if you're not a fan of a traditional full English. But what if you're following in the footsteps of many and trying to eat healthily, swapping refined flour and sugar for alternatives that are kinder to your body?

You're in for a treat, that's what. There are tons of different methods and recipes to cook 'clean' and healthy pancakes which still taste bloody awesome. We've rounded up our favourite recipes from the web (some are from the US so here's a nifty measurements converter so you can experiment and find your favourite(s) ready to serve up come Shrove Tuesday...


Looking for a gluten-free recipe? Try these...


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