Is The Duchess Of Cambridge's Due Date Sooner Than We Thought?

Is The Duchess Of Cambridge's Due Date Sooner Than We Thought?

The Duchess of Cambridge's due date may be slightly earlier than previously thought.

Kate's second pregnancy was announced in a tweet from Clarence House on September 8, 2014. It was believed the announcement came earlier than planned as Kate was forced to pull out of an official engagement suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum.

It was thought then that Kate was only five to six weeks pregnant and when, last October, Clarence House announced that Kate and Prince William's second baby was due in April, it was expected that the royal baby would arrive towards the end of the month.

However, it has now come to light that Kate may have actually be further into her pregnancy than previously thought - and already at the seven month mark.

Artist Paul Cummins has revealed that Kate almost pulled out a visit the Cummins' poppy installation at the Tower of London on August 5 because she was already beginning to suffer from the effects of hyperemis gravidarum.

That was her last public engagement before her pregnancy announcement.


"Kate was not going to come as, though it had not been announced, she was already pregnant and suffering," he told The Sunday Times.

"But she insisted. It was her last public outing for a while."

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