Newborn Baby Tested For AIDS After Being Given Stranger's Breast Milk

Newborn Baby Tested For AIDS After Being Given Stranger's Breast Milk
Wishaw General Hospital , Lanarkshire,
Wishaw General Hospital , Lanarkshire,

A newborn baby girl had to be tested for AIDS after hospital staff mistakenly gave her breast milk from another patient.

Terrified mum Kerryanne Davidson had to wait for an agonising week before she was given the results of tests on her daughter Lucy – who was mercifully given the all clear.

But the blunder was just part of a catalogue of frightening experiences 25-year-old Kerryanne suffered at Wishaw General Hospital in Lanarkshire.

She told the Daily Record how hospital staff shouted at her to 'grow up' when she cried while having an epidural, and even wrongfully informed her that her newborn baby had developed an infection.

A few days after she gave birth to baby Lucy she was also told that doctors had left part of the scissors inside her following her C-section operation. However, an x-ray confirmed this was untrue.

Kerryanne said: "But to this day, I'm not sure if I'm carrying around some extra equipment."

She also claimed that staff at the hospital were severely overstretched.

She added: "There were alarms going off all the time at cots that were ignored because the nurses were really stretched.

"We were meant to have one-to-one nursing, but often the nurse would ask if we minded her running across the ward to deal with another baby."

Susan Stewart, NHS Lanarkshire's head of midwifery, said: "I would like to apologise to Kerryanne for what was obviously a very traumatic experience for her.

"While we have not received a formal complaint, I would be happy to meet with Kerryanne to talk about what happened and to discuss her concerns."