16/02/2015 16:34 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Oscars 2015: 10 Worst Dressed Stars Of All Time

There are those women you can do flawless Oscars red carpet style with ease, and then there are those who totally miss the bar. Enter Cher circa 1988.

The Oscars 2015 Academy Awards will surely see some major fashion faux pas - it happens every year. But will any top our 10 worst dressed from years gone by, because that would take all kinds of sequin, sheer-in-the-wrong-places, Heid Klum-esque disaster pieces. It could happen...

Cher shows off her Oscar for best actress and her Bob Mackie black sequined see-through gown after winning the award for her role in

Here's our edit of the 10 worst dressed women at the Oscars through time. Holy mother, what were these ladies thinking?

WARNING: some of the following ensembles will make you gasp aloud and not in a subtle way...