18/02/2015 09:39 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Britain's Most Selfish Driver Blocks Mum On Her Way To Collect Daughter From Nursery


A young mum was forced to leave her daughter at nursery after a selfish Audi driver parked just millimetres from her car.

Stephanie Adams, 27, was delayed for half an hour after her Vauxhall Corsa was blocked by another driver in Nottingham.

The mother-of-one decided to shame the thoughtless driver of the navy blue Audi A5 by taking photos and posting them online.

The driver of the Audi made sure they had plenty of space to get in and out of their vehicle on the driver's side but made sure Stephanie had no chance of getting into hers.

Stephanie said: "When I left the car there was a space next to it, but when I came back the car was parked like this.

"My first thought was, 'how am I going to get out?' but then I thought 'how am I going to get in?'"

"The car was parked so close to my mine I couldn't get in and I didn't think I'd be able to climb over the child seat which is in the passenger seat.

"But even if I did get into the car, I'm not sure I would have been able to reverse out of there anyway."

When the driver of the navy blue 2007 Audi A5 Sport TDI Quattro finally moved his car, there was no damage to her vehicle.


The incident happened at the Lace Market car park in Nottingham on February 12.

"Strangely enough I think I actually bumped into the driver who was having trouble with his ticket at the machine,' said photography student Stephanie.

"He was about 25 and wearing a suit. He looked a bit flash but I let him go ahead of me because I was waiting for an attendant so I could show him how the Audi had parked.

"When the attendant arrived we went up the stairs to my car and the Audi had gone. The only person I had seen was the guy in the suit so I assume it must have been his car.

"I was amazed there was no damage to either car but it shows just how thoughtless some people can be.

'"I put the picture on my Facebook page and hundreds of people have commented on it. The response has been incredible."

A man claiming to be the driver of the Audi contacted MailOnline and said: "My car was only parked in that position next to the car for a matter of minutes whilst I went to the newsagents."

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