‘EastEnders' Flashback Episode Reveals The Truth About Lucy Beale's Murder, Exposing Bobby Beale As The Killer (PICS)

'EastEnders' Flashback Episode Reveals Final Shock Lucy Beale Twist

After finding out who killed Lucy Beale in Thursday night’s main episode of ‘EastEnders’, it was time to revisit the night of the crime, with a flashback to Good Friday.

Only, it turns out we didn’t find out who killed Lucy, because it wasn’t Jane Beale - it was Ian’s son Bobby. Yes, really.

Oh, Bobby...

The special episode saw the events leading up to Lucy’s death recapped in full, and there were more than a few surprises along the way.

The show started with the various suspects making their excuses and leaving their family homes.

We also saw a number of scenes that have already been referenced, including Billy’s argument with Lucy, and Ian’s visit to prostitute Rainie. After Lucy boarded a bus - with Jay tailing her - she arrived at a flat, where Jay and Ben soon burst through the door.

Little did they know, Jake Stone had booked a viewing and he turned up hammered just minutes later.

When Lucy eventually got Jake back to the Square, Max Branning was on hand to begrudgingly offer a helping hand, and when Jake gets violent, Lucy’s nose bleeds on Max’s shirt and shoe.

As promised, the flashback episode ties up a number of loose ends, but that doesn’t mean there’s a lack of surprises.

Lucy's argument with Billy was shown in full

Things get even worse for Lucy when Ben and Jay steal her purse and phone, and then was time for a non-Lucy related shock - it’s the new baddie played by Richard Blackwood.

While Vincent arrived in the Square earlier this week, and viewers presumed it was his first visit, a scene in the flashback episode saw him visiting Ronnie, giving her a bunch of flowers with a gun, before planting a kiss.

Then, it’s back to Lucy and the youngster, teary-eyed, meeting Jane at her front door. Her chat with her former step-mum seemed pretty normal.

Once back inside Lucy overheard Denise on the phone, telling her own daughter that she’s planning to leave Ian, Irate, Lucy burst into the room, shouting at Denise before storming out again - and waking straight into an argument with Abi.

She really wasn’t joking when she said “tonight’s out to get me”, y’know.

Jane realises what's happened

With just minutes to go, it seems unclear how Jane is going to be the one to murder Lucy, until her phone rings, and she walks out onto the street while Masood rants to an empty room.

Jane then arrived at the Beales, and found Lucy laying dead on the floor, but she wasn’t alone in the room.

As Jane checked Lucy’s pulse, a small voice piped up, telling Jane that Lucy definitely started it. Yes, it was Bobby Beale, holding the music box.


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