Majestic Wingsuit Flight Over Switzerland Captured With GoPro

Wingsuit Flying Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

Wingsuits are quite simply the closest we can get to being able to fly. They are dangerous and incredibly fragile and yet when viewed on the internet, appear as easy to master as diving through water.

Of course it's not as easy as that, it's hard, incredibly hard in fact. Which is why it's all the more impressive when you see videos like these.

Naturally it helps that the star of this video -- Brandon Mikesell -- is something of a wingsuit flying expert, having logged hundreds of flights which he then shares through his YouTube channel.

Covered in more GoPro cameras than safety harnesses Mikesell is able to give us a view of the experience unlike many others while his choice of scenery -- in this case Switzerland -- couldn't be more impressive.

Watch, admire and prepare to be incredibly jealous.


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