Photoshop Is 25 Years Today: Here's The Best And The Worst

Adobe Photoshop is 25 years old today. Which when you think about it is pretty incredible.

It started life 1987 as an independent piece of software called 'Display', but then in 1990 Adobe realised the potential that it could have on the world so bought it, and rebranded it as Photoshop.

Over the years Photoshop has proven itself to be the software that gives artists their canvases, provides photographers with extra lives and cause a celebrity to go red-faced for weeks (Bieber we're looking at you).

While the name has remained the same ever since, it's hard to imagine a piece of software that has evolved as drastically as Photoshop, making full use of the advances in computing over the years.

Over the years it's hard to imagine a piece of software that has become as powerful a tool for the creative generation, inspiring people, designers, architects and more.

So while the video above shows us the incredible good that Photoshop can accomplish, we cannot forget the other side of the coin.

With the power to give and to take away, celebrities are at the mercy of an editor and their stylus, with each brushstroke and swipe determining just how accurate the finished result will be.

Sometimes it goes as planned, other times? Well lets just say the finished article has more in common with the cleanly brushed iMac than the human being on the screen.

So to celebrate the best of the worst, here's our top Photoshop fails, demonstrating that while you can give someone all the power in the world, and they'll still screw it up in the end.