20/02/2015 05:29 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Read Bride's 'Un-Invitation' To 'Bullying' And 'Narcissistic' Parents


An angry bride told her 'bullying' and 'narcissistic' parents they couldn't come to her wedding with a brutal 'un-vitation' that has gone viral.

The women, known only as, 'Skitzocat', shared the cringeworthy note on social networking site Reddit.

She wrote: "So my narcissistic parents abused me for 16 years before I ran away from home.

"Now they're trying to bully their way (via family, they haven't bothered to speak to me personally) into getting an invitation to my wedding. There was really only one way to respond."

She then uploaded a picture of her wedding un-vitation.

It reads: "Together with our friends and family, Alex and Alyssa, would like to invite you to suck it and bask in our happiness, your bitterness and our mutual irritation at each other's existence...

"As we completely ignore yours and celebrate our marriage without you. There will be a lovely ceremony, followed by cake, food and general merriment.

"And you're not invited to any of it. Because f**k you that's why."

The bride went on to reveal that she had not had any contact with her parents in seven years.

She said she ran away from home and that her father would use her as a 'punch bag.'

She said: "It's the first time I've contacted them of my own accord. My grandparents keep pushing me to meet up with them and play happy families.

"It's been 7 years since I ran away and I've reluctantly met up with them maybe half a dozen times?

"But they refuse to speak directly to me, they tell my grandparents what they want and my grandparents pressure me into doing it.

"Which up until now I've tolerated since it was my grandparents who took me in off the streets. I don't think I'll be tolerating their 'it's all your fault, you're a horrible daughter, your parents are perfect' c**p anymore."

After the original post was made the bride posted an update saying that her parents had responded to her message through her grandparents telling her: "Our relationship is now irreconcilable."

The bride originally posted the un-vitation picture five months ago but it has only recently been picked up by media.

She said the wedding took place in a 'public garden' and it was 'amazing'.

Families, eh?