Dad Lets Three Year Old Daughter Dress Herself. The Results Prove Gender Stereotyping Is Ridiculous


Television producer turned stay-at-home dad Simon Ragoonanan hates gendered marketing aimed at his daughter.

His blog, Man vs. Pink, discusses how to bring up a daughter who is happy and content in her own skin in a world full of gender stereotyping.

Ragoonanan's problem isn't with the colour pink itself, it's with the limitations that products "for girls" impose.

"It’s all too easy to have or buy our girls ‘plenty’ of pink things. The big problem is one of smallness – the focus of what these things are remains relatively narrow, and this is potentially limiting our girls imaginations, opportunities, and ambitions.

"It’s for us as parents, and our children themselves, to set any parameters – not those trying to sell us things," he writes.

With this in mind, Ragoonanan and his wife decided to start letting their three year old daughter dress herself. They began documenting her choices on Instagram.

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"We need to let her discover who she is herself. Choosing what she wears every morning is just a small part of that," Ragoonanan told The Independent.

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"Girls are not genetically predisposed to pink, princesses, frills, sparkles, glitter, and flowers. Many girls like this stuff and many don’t - but ALL are marketed to from a very young age that this is only one way to be a girl, and THAT is why this stuff is so popular amongst little girls," he added.

"Don’t let the marketeers define what a girl is - help your girl to define herself."

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Ragoonanan's pictures started getting attention when SheKnows Maria Mora writer approached him on Twitter four days ago. At the time his Instagram account had about 60 followers. It now has almost 800.

Speaking to HuffPost UK Lifestyle, the proud dad said: "I think she looks awesome and I’m glad that others do to.

"It’s also great that other parents who want to reject the pink aisle are feeling positve about their choices to after reading about us - we’ve had so much positive feedback."

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Ragoonanan says his daughter had a lot of fun taking the photos. She certainly looks like she did.

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