‘EastEnders' Spoiler: Peter Beale And Lauren Branning To Leave Together After Discovering Who Killed Lucy Beale? (PICS)


Peter Beale and Lauren Branning have a tough decision to make in ‘EastEnders’, after discovering the truth about who killed Lucy.

After fleeing the Square when his family declared that they will protect Bobby, Peter has decided to leave England for good, and move to New Zealand, and he’s hoping Lauren will go with him.

Peter visits his twin sister's grave

In tonight’s show (Tuesday 24 February), Peter goes to Lucy’s grave to say farewell, and Lauren soon joins him.

The pair share their secrets, and with the truth about Lauren’s pregnancy out, will she leave with Peter?

The soap’s 30th anniversary celebrations may be over, but the drama is set to continue and there are plenty of key storylines still on-going.

Will they leave together?

There’s also the small matter of Dean Wicks, whose body went missing last Friday. Did Mick Cater kill him?

Tune in to ‘EastEnders’ tonight (Tuesday 24 February) to see if Peter and Lauren leave Walford together.

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