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Myleene Klass Talks About Birthday Email Row: 'I Want My Kids To Receive Yo-Yos Not Kindles'

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The Myleene Klass birthday emails row continues to rumble on.

Myleene, who is mum to Ava, seven, and Hero, three, felt the wrath of her school run chums when she shared what she described as 'bonkers birthday party' emails on social media.

In the emails, the mums requested money from other parents to buy fancy birthday presents, including a Kindle and a desk. Myleene wasn't having any of it, and she shared the emails online, along with her sarky response.

Speaking to Fabulous magazine about the emails, Myleene said she wanted her children to be happy with 'yo-yos not Kindles', adding that 'being happy is not about stuff.'

Myleene told the magazine, in an interview before she posted the emails publicly: "I have to show you these emails. I'm going to Instagram it later... I changed the names.

"This is why I keep getting myself in trouble. I can't keep my mouth shut. But that's who I am. I want my children to receive yo-yos, not Kindles. Being happy is not about stuff."

The fallout from the messages rumbled on and on following Myleene's original post, with sources saying the TV presenter and designer had made herself very unpopular in the playground of daughter Ava's private school.

The headteacher of the school also waded in, shaming Myleene in the school's newsletter. It read:

"It was not my intention to use the [newsletter] this week as a soap box, but here it comes ... how I wish I could focus on your daughters' education and not on responding to media trivia.

"How many times this week have I been asked to comment/act/intervene/reprimand/ ... do something! Mutual respect and tolerance. FBV. We actively promote them – do you?

"I needed to get that off my chest. Now, on with the week's round up of [school] news. No more parking on zig zags. No more blocking in the neighbours. No more unicorns. And as my granny would've said, if you can't tweet anything nice, don't tweet anything at all."

It's been pretty quiet on the Myleene V the rest of the school for a while now, but no doubt this newly published interview with stir the pot again.

On the plus side, it's having a cracking effect on Myleene's clothing sales.

*mock shock*

You can read the emails in full below...

2/2 My reply. #sent

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