24/02/2015 14:15 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Dad With Cruel Sense Of Humour Exposes Tearful Son's Lies (Video)

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Here's why kids should never lie to their dads – especially if their dad has a particularly cruel sense of humour, like the father in this video does.

Viewed more than 250,000 times on YouTube, it shows a father and his son – who looks about eight or nine – having a conversation in their car about being bullied at school.

What's obvious is that the dad thinks his son is lying and that he hasn't been threatened.

So he turns the tables on his son by threatening to beat up and even shoot the bullies in an effort to make his boy confess to fibbing – which the terrified lad does, with pleas and tears.

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In the video, the dad says to his son: "I'll go beat them up if they're trying to make you scared.

"We're gonna teach this guy a lesson that no one can scare you. You're not gonna be scared of anybody."

The squirming son, seeing his lie has started to take an ugly turn, tries to come clean.

He pleads: "Daddy, I lied. Oh, don't, dad, please."

But his father refuses to back down, saying: "When I knock him out, I'm gonna punch him really hard in the face and he's gonna fall on the floor. And when he falls on the floor, I need you to kick him in the head. Alright? We're gonna teach this kid a lesson.

"We're gonna beat him up and we're gonna beat his dad up. And we're gonna beat his grandpa up, too. We're gonna beat the whole freaking family up."

As the boy becomes more and more distressed, his father takes things ever further, saying: "We're gonna go home and we're gonna borrow uncle's gun."

At that point, his son begins to panic, crying: "Why? Daddy? I lied about the whole thing, Dad. I don't want to be a bad guy!"

The father then starts to laugh in the realisation that he's taught his son a lesson – and then his son cottons on to the fact with a look of doleful disdain that he, himself, has been lied to!

After such a traumatic exchange, it's guaranteed the kid will never lie to his dad again. And we're sure that's something he'll be sharing with his therapist after being scarred for life by his dad's extreme parenting in the future.

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