24/02/2015 07:20 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Emma Watson On Those Prince Harry Dating Rumours

We're not going to deny it - when we heard that Emma Watson might be dating Prince Harry, we got a whole lot excited.

Can you imagine?


Sadly, they were just rumours (royal hype, if you will) that started when Australian magazine Woman's Day revealed "a source" close to two said, "He's smitten – and it's more than Emma's looks".

Em has since spoken out on Twitter about the matter. And, as ever, her response was spot on.

Yes, note to selves: do not lose your cool over stuff the internet says - you know, when it's probably not true.

So, that was Em's first tweet addressing rumours that she and Hazza were romantically involved and rendezvousing in secret.

This is the second, and if you always fancied yourself a bit of a princess it's so, so relevant.