This Twitter Account Is Collecting The Worst Amazon Movie Reviews Ever, And They're (Unintentionally) Hilarious

Are These The Worst Amazon Movie Reviews Ever?

And the Oscar for Most Amusing Supply Of Terrible Film Reviews goes to... @AmznMovieRevws!

Yes, if you love movies and/or bad movie reviews, then this Twitter account - created by Iowan Joe Grabinski - is for you.

Because Amazon Movie Reviews brings you critiques of films that just don't do what they say on the tin:

And films that are disappointing - technically or otherwise:

Recent reviews of Oscar-nominated films include these gems:

And as the post-Oscar 'Birdman' backlash gets underway, some people might agree with these:

Other reviewers just find it a little hard to distinguish fact from fiction:

While others have ideas for movies themselves:

'Guardians Of The Galaxy' was not a hit with these people:

While a viewing of 'Finding Nemo' led this viewer to post a call to arms for... dentists:

They're not all bad reviews, however. Some Amazon users are so taken by certain movies that their families have made huge life decisions as a result:

While others have simply met the men of their dreams:

Still, with men like these in the world, who can blame them?

Of course, when it comes to disappointing viewing experiences, there's nothing worse than being unable to spot someone you know:

Or finding out that it's a cartoon:

A musical:



Or worse still:

Still, everyone's a critic, eh?

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