25/02/2015 12:33 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Princess Beatrice Has Moved To America (Just Like Eugenie)

Princess Beatrice has followed her younger sister's footsteps.


The 26-year-old royal has moved to America, a spokesperson for her mother, Sarah, the Duchess of York, has confirmed to Hello! magazine.

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"Princess Beatrice started a finance course in the US this week," he confirmed, although details on where she is studying and how long she will be there for have not been revealed.

This news comes after Princess Eugenie, 24, landed a job at New York's Paddle8 auction house in August 2014.


Eugenie completed a 12 month internship at the company before she was offered the role. Reports at the time said Paddle8 had been highly impressed by her efforts describing her as "a great asset to the team".

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So, will Beatrice experience similar success and take up a full-time role across the pond? She was previously working at Sony Pictures in London and has a history degree from Goldsmiths College.

We can just see the two royal sisters taking over the social scene in the Big Apple...

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