You Can Fly This Drone With Your Brain

A company has developed a technology which allows you to fly a drone using nothing but brainwaves.

Portugal-based Tekever have taken EEG technology -- which detects activity in certain parts of the brain -- and then used that to create a control mechanism.

Pilots spend a few months training their brains by moving a small circle up, down, left and right. Once they have a proficient level of skill they can then start using the EEG to control a drone.

Tekever hopes that in the short term the technology can be used to help those with disabilities control drones or small remote controlled aircraft.

In the long term however the company has far bigger ambitions, highlighting that their technology could be scaled to allow piloting of full size aircraft including cargo planes and rescue aircraft.

As the BBC reports though it's unlikely that the industry will adopt this control technique anytime soon with experts instead suggesting that the aviation industry will be focusing more on better, and safer aircraft design using new materials.