26/02/2015 18:00 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Baby Tops List Of Strange Things Left Behind In Taxis


It might sound like something from a sitcom (remember when Chandler and Joey left baby Ben on the bus in Friends? 'Why does it say property of Human Services on his butt?'), but a BABY has topped the list of the most bizarre things left behind in a taxi.

Boro Taxis, one of the largest taxi firms in the North-East, has released records of the items that have been left behind in its cabs.

A baby tops the list, followed by dead mice, £6,000 in cash and an artificial leg (!).

Speaking about the findings, which were released following a trawl through the cab records of the 70,000 jobs the firm carries out a week, founder of Boro Taxis, Mohammed Bashir, said:

"People have left all sorts of items in our taxis and mini buses during the years, from the mundane to the bizarre, but the most remarkable has to be the baby.

"At the opposite end of the spectrum, the most common thing we find on the floors and seats of our taxis is mobile phones."

Speaking to the Gazette, Mohammed explained that the baby who was left behind was less than a year old. He or she was taken to a police station after the customer failed to return straightaway.

We can put that one down to – pretty extreme – baby brain. But an artificial leg?!

Here's the top 10...

1 . Baby

2. Two dead mice

3. £6,000 - mixture of pounds and American dollars

4. £1,000 in a brown envelope

5. Goldfish in a plastic bag of water

6. Violin

7. False teeth

8. Artificial leg

9. Large tent

10. Zimmer frame

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