26/02/2015 06:44 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Helen Flanagan Shares Cute Childhood Photos To Celebrate Being Six Months Pregnant

Instagram/Helen Flanagan

Can't wait for my baby sister to come home 👭❤️ in time for my baby shower #love x

A photo posted by Helen Flanagan (@hjgflanagan) on

Helen and Scott are reportedly predicting a boy - according to an oh-so-reliable 'source' who spoke to Star magazine:

"She's been craving savoury foods which she thinks is a clear sign," the insider said.

"Helen and Scott don't mind what sex the baby is, as long as it's healthy. They are already buying lots of bits and pieces."

Savoury food eh? If Helen's also got a low baby bump and her hair is more voluminous, then according to old wives' tales she may be right about the gender of her baby. We'd say the odds are 50/50!

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