26/02/2015 14:33 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Meet The 7-Year-Old Golf Prodigy Who's Allergic To The Sun


He's tipped to be the next Tiger Woods, but seven-year-old whiz kid Ben Brown has an unusual obstacle in his path to golfing stardom - he is allergic to the sun.

Although Ben has been playing golf since he was two years old, the summer months are a nightmare for the youngster, who suffers from a rare condition called solar urticaria.

Contact with UV light or radiation, such as that contained in sunlight, brings Ben out in a rash or hives. Too much exposure to sunlight leaves him feeling weak and nauseous, and often causes migraines.

Solar urticaria takes a severe toll on Ben's ability to practice. Even with a combination of antihistamines, migraine tablets and prescription suncream, he struggles to last more than four hours on a sunny day.

Despite his condition, however, Ben is determined to compete at the highest level. Last year he played competitively for the first time, and this year hopes to compete at the U.S Kids Golf World Championship tournament in Pinehurst, North Carolina.

The gifted child's parents said they first noticed his uncanny knack for the game when they bought him a toy golf set for his second birthday.

"It became like an obsession for him," mum Kathryn told the Daily Mail. "He would spend hours walking backwards and forwards across the living room collecting his ball."

For his next birthday, she and dad Craig bought Ben a miniature set of real golf clubs and took him to the local golf course, where they were astonished by his natural talent. "When he was out on the putting green people would stop and watch," said Kathryn.

With the help of coach Charlie Tetlow, Ben has honed his talents on the golf course despite his young age. He has already played at St Andrews, and later this year will be jetting out to Venice to compete in the US Kids Golf Open.

While Kathryn recognises that a career in outdoor sport will continue to be a challenge for her son, she says that his family will support him in his passion. She said: "For Ben, giving up golf is not an option."

You can find out more about Ben's story by visiting his GoFundMe page, set up to help him achieve his dream.

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