26/02/2015 06:40 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Most 'Attractive' Baby Names Revealed


Scarlett and Alessandro have been voted the most attractive, or 'sexiest' names of all time - with poor old Gertrude and Bob at the bottom of the list.

A survey by the website looked at the impact of names on their holders throughout history and found that, by and large, we are what we're called (as a 'Keith', I can concur with this).The survey found that Latin and French names scored particularly well, as did male names ending in 'o' and female names ending in 'a'.

And names featuring double letters scored better than their single-letter counterparts, for example Adriana vs. Adrianna.

The site's founder, Laura Wattenberg, said: "One thing that leaps out at you is that we do have a mostly American and English-speaking user base, and Americans still have the image of the Latin lover.

"These names are Italian and Spanish and French. You can even go Russian, with Dmitri... it's all down to that element of fantasy."

Turning to 'unsexy names' – Gertrude and Bertha for girls, for example, and Bob and Ernest for boys, Laura said these names are too 'ordinary' to be sexy - and some of them feel 'old and clunky'.

She added: "They all have very high 'Scrabble' values, but today's style in names is very light, full of vowels, very smooth.

"The double consonants in the middle of some - Gertrude and Mildred for example - sound heavy."

Top 10 'sexiest' girl names according to the study:

1. Scarlett

2. Nicolette

3. Natalia

4. Anaïs

5. Paulina

6. Alessandra

7. Chanel

8. Soraya

9. Adrianna

10. Giuliana

Top 10 'sexiest' boy names according to the study:

1. Alessandro

2. Lorenzo

3. Rhett

4. Romeo

5. Mateo

6. Dimitri

7. Dane

8. Marcelo

9. Dante

10. Rémy

Top 5 unsexiest girls names

1. Gertrude

2. Bertha

3. Agnes

4. Ethel

5. Mildred

Top 5 unsexiest boys names

1. Bob

2. Ernest

3. Norman

4. Dick

5. Howard

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