Former BBC Royal Correspondent Jennie Bond Gets A Craving For Red Grapes After Smoking Cannabis For Channel 4 Experiment ‘Drugs Live: Cannabis On Trial' (VIDEO)

She’s more used to watching her p’s and q’s when reporting on all things Royal, but we get to see a whole different side of former BBC Royal correspondent Jennie Bond when she smokes cannabis for a Channel 4 documentary.

The 64-year-old broadcaster volunteered to take part in the ground-breaking trial, which looks at the effect smoking the class B drug has on the neurological and psychological effects on memory, appreciation of music and psychological wellbeing.

Jennie Bond

After inhaling the drug, Jennie reveals that while she didn’t particularly enjoy the experience, she ‘certainly didn’t hate it’, before filling out a questionnaire about her experience.

“Do I want food? Not particularly unless its grapes,” she says.

“I'm adoring these grapes but I think that's mostly because I just adore grapes and kind of live on them but they are tasting especially good.

“I can be really boring about grapes because I just believe in them.”

Another well-known face who took part in the experiment was Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow, who had a far less enjoyable experience after inhaling potent skunk cannabis.

Snow inhaled the drug from a plastic container, and soon became "woozy" before being led to an MRI machine to have his brain activity analysed.

Inside the machine, he becomes increasingly anxious, saying "I don't think I want to do this, it's horrible. Can you let me out?"

Once released from the machine, Snow is visibly distressed and dazed. Alluding to his reporting from war zones, Snow says "If you can stick it out in Gaza, you should be able to stick it out in a bloody scanner."

Watch a clip of Jennie Bond inhaling cannabis above.

The results of the experiment will be shown in ‘Drugs Live: Cannabis On Trial’ on Tuesday, 3 March at 10pm.

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