MWC 2015: The Best So Far, Including Sony, Samsung, HTC And Huawei

For a tech conference that features flagship smartphones and wearables as standard, MWC is always a surprisingly mixed bag.

Coming at an awkward time of year six months after (and, more acutely, before) the latest iPhone, it's a chance for everyone else to both grab the limelight.... and also fail to deliver. Most end up playing it safe with spec upgrades and design tweaks, whereas some - most obviously Samsung - innovate with bold new designs.

Then there's the stuff around the edges: virtual reality, new mobile operating systems and security-focused 'blackphones', new screen and processor technology, 'connected city' concepts and no-name companies from China stealing the show with super-thin, super-mysterious devices.

With MWC 2015 still just getting started, here are our favourite announcements so far.

Huawei Watch

MWC 2015: The Best So Far

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