03/03/2015 06:32 GMT | Updated 03/03/2015 06:59 GMT

Canadians 'Spock' Their Currency In Tribute To Leonard Nemoy

There have been some amazing tributes so far to the late Leonard Nemoy - and for sheer drama you can't really beat this Salute To Spock taken from actual space.

But in terms of quiet, creative acts of respect, this is pretty nice too.

Canadians have noticed that the face of Sir Wilfrid Laurier on their $5 bill looks quite a lot like the late actor - as long as you draw the famous hairstyle, ears and Star Trek insignia on it in Biro. A recent tweet by the Canadian Design Resource sparked another round of 'spocking' and now it's said to be sweeping the nerdier, richer parts of the nation.

Fortunately the practice isn’t illegal - although the Bank of Canada isn’t exactly a fan. On Monday it told Quartz: Writing on a bank note may interfere with the security features and reduces its lifespan. Markings on a note may also prevent it from being accepted in a transaction."