Almost Everyone Fell Asleep During Mark Zuckerberg's MWC Keynote

Mark Zuckerberg Literally Sent People To Sleep At MWC Speech

When it was announced that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg would be giving the keynote talk at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona there was an understandable amount of excitement.

MWC is the world's largest consumer technology conference for mobile and wearable devices, and this year saw Samsung unveil the Galaxy S6 Edge and HTC revealing an incredible virtual reality headset with Valve.

It was with some disappointment then that when Zuckerberg finally got on stage on Monday it became apparent that a) it wasn't a keynote and b) a lot of journalists were very tired.

Rather than give a talk, Zuckerberg was on stage with a number of European telecoms operators to discuss how Facebook is making them lots of money. Sadly this wasn't very interesting, in fact it was so boring that people actually fell asleep, cocooned by the warmth of the room and the mellow tones of Zuckerberg being cuddly with other CEOs.

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