05/03/2015 11:04 GMT | Updated 05/03/2015 11:59 GMT

Samsung Has Built A £20,000 Kennel For Crufts 2015

As humans we spoil three things in this world, our family; ourselves and our pets. Samsung has taken inspiration from the third of these and created what might be the world's most luxurious dog kennel, costing a cool £20,000.

Packed full of the latest technology and taking over six weeks to build, the Samsung Dream Doghouse is the result of a collaboration between 12 designers and fabricators.

As you can see, the kennel is more of a luxury apartment for your poodle with two pods - one for relaxation and sleep, the other for eating and entertainment.

samsung dream doghouse

There's also a range of outdoor equipment including a custom-built treadmill with astro-turf surface and finally a hot tub spa so your pooch can take a much needed timeout from all that strenuous tail wagging.

The sleep and relaxation pod at the back has a Galaxy Tab S for video-communication between the dog and their owner (that'll be a brief conversation). While a push-to-woof button will summon the attention of the dog's owner.

samsung dream doghouse

It's hard to imagine the dog actually needing an owner at all however as in the second pod there's a self-service food dispenser that at the push of a paw dishes out some tasty treats.

samsung dream dog house

If you have £20,000 lying around and a dog in desparate need of new digs then Samsung's showing off its lavish creation at CRUFTS 2015.