06/03/2015 10:51 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

How To Spot A Liar: 5 Signs To Look Out For

Do you ever get the feeling someone close to you isn't being quite as truthful as they should? Maybe it's someone you're dating ("no, I've totally quit Tinder") or a girlfriend ("of course your new haircut is amazing"). Either way, being lied to kind of sucks.

Want to know how to spot the Pinocchios in your life? Ex-policeman and deception expert Darren Stanton shares five giveaways you're being lied to...

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1. Zero eye contact. Why? Because generally when someone is telling porkies, they're a bit uncomfortable. To avoid eye contact, liars will touch their eyes, yawn or simply look away.

2. Loads of eye contact. The sad truth is some people are actually super comfortable with deceit and will look you full in the face when they do it. However, knowing they're lying, many will overcompensate by maintaining eye contact for far too long. If you're suspicious of someone, ask yourself this: are they looking are me in an intense creepy way without blinking for more than six seconds? Yes? They're lying (sorry).

3. Check out where they avert their eyes to. Apparently right-handed people look to the right when fibbing and left-handed people look to the left.

4. Mimicry. A liar will copy the language of their accuser rather than simply denying an accusation. For example:

You: "Zoey, did you spill red wine on my favourite dress last night?"
Zoey: "No, I did not spill red wine on your favourite dress last night."

You: "Zoey, did you spill red wine on my favourite dress last night?"
Zoey: "No."

5. Body language. Fact: crossed ankles and arms are classic lying giveaways, as are touching the face and holding an object close to the body.

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