Teacher Plunges Hand Into Molten Lead And Doesn't Feel A Thing

Man Plunges Hand Into Molten Lead In The Name Of Science

Dr Jearl Walker is a man who either has no fear, or one who rates his own fear well below the act of teaching physics.

A notable physicist he's been known to walk on hot coals, place liquid nitrogen in his mouth and as is demonstrated here: place his hand in a bowl of molten hot lead.

All have taken place without error thanks to the wonders of science and it's for that reason that he just keeps on doing it.

This video is pretty old (four years old to be exact), but thankfully what you're about to see is no less impressive through the passing of time. Walker is demonstrating the Leidenfrost effect, a phenomena whereby if a liquid is placed in contact with something far hotter than its boiling point, a vapour layer is created between the two which acts as a protective barrier.

The experiment isn't for the faint hearted however the science is so interesting you might not care.

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