Ed Sheeran Shares A Hilarious Fan Letter On Instagram While On Tour In Korea

Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran
Joel Ryan/Invision/AP

Ed Sheeran is one of the most kind-hearted and humorous blokes in the music business, so its no surprise that the ‘Thinking Out Loud’ couldn’t resist sharing this cheeky fan letter online.

Ed is currently on tour in Asia, and at a stop off in Korea, he received a rather funny - and very honest - letter from a fan.

God bless Korea

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The letter opens with, “To Ed Sheeran (my great singer). I hope you love the shirt.”

So far, so good. However the next line, is just... well, let’s just say Ed has a fantastic sense of humour.

“You are a little ugly but I love you,” the fan continues. “Please wear this shirt and get some … 2015 concert tour!”


While Ed’s currently busy on tour, he hasn’t forgotten the importance of a good night out or two, and recently partied the night away after a successful evening at the Brit Awards.

The singer’s also proved he’s up for a laugh by appearing in one of Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Mean Tweets’ sketches.

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