‘Emmerdale' Spoiler: David Kidnaps Lachlan Following Teenager's Sexual Assault On Alicia (PICS)

When Lachlan returns to the village in ‘Emmerdale’ next week, an outraged David snaps and takes action.

The youngster sexually assaulted David’s wife Alicia, and then left for a holiday shortly after being quizzed by police.

Lachlan continues to harass Alicia

Following the assault, a deluded Lachlan has been claiming that he was secretly in a relationship with Alicia.

As Alicia attempts to continue as normal, Lachlan’s return thwarts her plans, and the teen constantly hassles her.

Now, actor Matthew Wolfenden has hinted at how far his character David is prepared to go.

“David is determined to get Lachlan into his car and take him for a little drive,” he explains to Inside Soap. “Kidnap is a strong word to use, but all David wants is for Lachlan to admit what he’s done.

“He doesn’t want the lies about Alicia to carry on, and he wants Lachlan to admit everything to himself as well as to the police, and say he’s sorry.

“But the situation becomes more fraught than David imagined.”

How far will David go?

“Initially when I was first told of the storyline, I was incredibly shocked,” she stated during an appearance on ‘This Morning’. “But it's amazing for me as an actor to have that challenge - we are dealing with the impact on young people and when I started looking into that I was really shocked. We had to tell this story, it’s so important.”

Watch ‘Emmerdale’ on Thursday 19 February to see the events unfold.

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