11/03/2015 07:42 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

'Jeremy Clarkson', 'James May' And 'Richard Hammond' Open Top Gear Themed Driving School At Legoland


Ah, timing. Sometimes it is just perfect. As these new photos from Legoland Windsor prove.

As the Jeremy Clarkson row rumbles on and on (latest controversy is that he allegedly decked a BBC producer), Legoland has opened its Lego City Driving School for the 2015 season, celebrating with a glorious photo shoot showing a mini Clarkson, Hammond and May racing around the tracks with Little Stig.


The little lookalikes powered around the course with a similar rivalry to their alter egos, and their performance on the track mirrored the Top Gear gang as well.

Little Stig narrowly beat Little Hammond by five seconds, with Little Clarkson in third and Little 'Captain Slow' May trailing in last.


The photos from Legoland landed just as the BBC suspended Clarkson following what they called a 'fracas' with a producer.


While an investigation into the incident is 'pending', it's not known if the king of controversy will be returning to the BBC show.

Still, it looks like he could easily have work at Legoland. Whether he fits in those cars is another matter...