Cara Delevingne Celebrates Instagram Milestone With Hilarious 'Fruity Thank You' Photo (PICS)

What's Got Cara In Such A Fruity Mood?

We all know that when it comes to important milestones, 25 calls for silver, 50 calls for gold and, if you’re Cara Delevingne, then 10 million apparently calls for… fruit.


Yes, the model might be one of the leading figures in an industry that tends to take itself rather seriously, but with her latest Instagram snap, Cara showed that she doesn’t mind being a bit silly.

To commemorate reaching 10 million followers on the social media site, Cara threw on a bikini and got ‘fruity’ for a hilarious photo that saw her lying on the floor with a strawberry in her mouth, and a banana on her stomach.

She also held a heart-shaped balloon which she'd scrawled ‘#Bacon’ and ‘#Paris’ on in black marker - surely two of the most important hashtags going.

Cara clearly hasn’t let her Instagram popularity go to her head either, writing in the “strange fruity thank you” photo’s caption: “[It] seems like complete insanity that I have 10 million followers so I thought I would cover myself in fruit and write on my stomach in red lipstick which now won't come off!”

But Cara isn’t the only celeb to have reached a landmark amount of Instagram followers in the past couple of weeks, after Kim Kardashian reached a whopping 27 million last month.

She celebrated the milestone in a predictably Kim K-esque fashion, by donning some leopard print lingerie and taking a selfie.

Nice work Kim, but you could have thrown a mango and a couple of satsumas into the mix for good measure...

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