19/03/2015 16:45 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

6 Reasons Why The Anti-Vaccination Movement Is Very, Very Wrong

Baby being vaccinated

I like to think that I'm a pretty chilled-out person. It takes a lot to get me really wound up, especially when it comes to parenting, because everyone has their own ideas and little quirks.

But if there's one group of people who really gets me seeing a red mist, it's the anti-vaccine movement; or idiots, as I like to call them. Idiots who are not only putting their own child's life at risk, but other peoples' lives too.

They are conspiracy theorists in little tin-foil hats who believe stuff which has been proven to be nonsense and think that the world is out to get them. Someone needs to sit them down, give them a collective slap, and explain in very simple language that:

Vaccines do not cause autism
They don't. They just don't. Vaccinations don't cause autism. Please, please get this through your skulls and into your brains. The only 'study' to claim this (which appeared in a well-respected medical journal, as opposed to non-credible publications) was the Wakefield study, which was retracted in 2010 after it was discovered the author had committed fraud.

The study was FAKE, people. Any so-called link between vaccines and autism has been disproven time and time again. Any signs of autism which appear after a child has been vaccinated is down to the fact that they are autistic, and any noticeable symptoms were not spotted earlier because the child was simply too young to display them to anyone who was not a trained expert.

You are risking your child's life
We get it: you're trying to be a good parent. You don't want to pump your child full of 'chemicals', or whatever the anti-vaccination brigade would have you believe.

But, simply put, if you don't vaccinate your child against a disease like measles then THEY COULD GET A DISEASE LIKE MEASLES. Measles can lead to swelling of the brain; this can cause convulsions which could leave your child deaf or with an intellectual disability. It can also lead to pneumonia, which is the most common cause of DEATH from measles in young children.

These are actual facts, unlike the idea that vaccines harm your child, which is actual rubbish. How would you feel if your child died from a disease which you could have prevented with a simple vaccination?

You are risking the lives of others
Say your child now has a preventable disease, thanks to your dumb reluctance to protect them from something which could cause them a great deal of harm.

They could now pass the disease on to other people - the young, the elderly, pregnant mums - those who are vulnerable and could get incredibly sick thanks to your terrible decisions. But hey, why should you care about other people, right?

You are single-handedly making the world a worse place
Remember that time your child got smallpox? Of course you don't, because – thanks to vaccines – smallpox has been eradicated. This is what is known as a GOOD THING.

Some other life-threatening diseases were practically extinct just a decade ago; illnesses like measles, polio and whooping cough. That means that the chances of you or your child dying from these awful conditions was next to none. This is also a GOOD THING.

But, thanks to the misplaced moral righteousness of the anti-vaccination mob, these diseases are now making a triumphant comeback, and once again the lives of children around the world are at risk. Nine thousand children have died in the United States alone since 2007 from diseases which were almost eradicated, and the global figure is much, much higher.

So give yourselves a pat on the back, anti-vaxxers. You did great.

No-one is out to get you
I've seen deluded parents claim that they aren't getting their child vaccinated because 'you can't trust pharmaceutical companies'.

I'm sorry, what? What do you mean, you can't trust pharmaceutical companies? Are they out to make money from illness? Yes, that's a fact. But are they out to deliberately kill your child? No.

Do you know what is out to deliberately kill your child? POLIO. And because of your stupidity you're giving it a great chance of succeeding.

Vaccines do not give you a disease
Yet another fact: vaccines will not give you or your child the disease they are designed to prevent. Some of them contained a 'killed' version of the virus, which means your child can't catch the disease.

Some contained a weakened version of the virus, which ensures that your child develops the antibodies necessary for preventing the illness. Again, they can't catch the disease.

Are you noticing a pattern here? Please, for the sake of your child and others, trust the vaccinations which are offered. It literally could mean the difference between life or death.

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