19/03/2015 07:52 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Christina Hendricks Goes Back To Blonde (And Reveals Her Hair Secrets)

Christina Hendricks is one of television's most famous redheads. Turns out the Mad Men actress is a natural blonde.


"I know that a hair colour change can be emotional - some people remember certain times in their life by the people they were with at the time, someone they were dating, or their job, whereas I often relate memories to what colour my hair was at the time," she explained.

Of course, as someone who's been colouring her tresses at home for "years and years", Christina is an expert when it comes to DIY hair dye.

Her top tip? Don't skip the instruction manual.


"I just follow the instructions on the box! It always turns out perfect," she said. "I don't even think there is a trick; I just follow what it says!"

And be prepared to do your research before finding the right colour for you.

"I would say my advice to women who want to change their hair colour is to find a brand you trust, and then experiment by shifting a shade or two," Christina added. "I feel like we all have different shades within us, and it sort of changes your personality when you do it, so I would say be open minded."

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