20/03/2015 12:05 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mum's Brutally Honest Sick Note Foils Daughter's Plan To Skip PE


A schoolgirl asked her mum to write a false sick note to get her out of P.E. - but instead of excusing her daughter, her honest mum said she was suffering from 'Bone-idle-itus'.

The girl, called Olivia, apparently hates outdoor exercise but her teachers only allow pupils to miss the lesson if they have a note.

So she asked her mum Sam to write a letter and falsely claim she had a valid medical excuse to skip P.E.

Imagine the girl's shock when Sam wrote that she was 'perfectly fit' to take part and that the only medical complaint she had was a severe case of 'Bone-idle-itus'.

Sam went even further and suggested that a few extra laps would help Olivia to warm up before her lesson.

According to the Daily Record, the mum posted a picture of the letter which has been shared over 3,000 times on Facebook.

Sam said: "Well here you go Olivia here's your note for PE, it will be sealed & in an envelope ready for her to hand to the head in the morning."

The letter reads:

Dear Mr XX

Olivia has requested that I write her a note for PE. Here it is...

Olivia is perfectly fit and well to take part in her PE lesson today.

The only thing she's suffering with is a severe case of Bone-idle-itus!

Olivia's complaint is, it's too cold to participate.

Might I suggest a few extra laps to warm her up?

Please return to Olivia after reading.


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