This Solar Eclipse Picture From Space Is Stunning And Very Real

THIS is the solar eclipse from space, and as you can imagine it's every bit as impressive as you were hoping. It's a stunning image, with the Sun's flares lashing out around the jet black shadow of the Moon.

The time-lapse images were captured by the European Space Agency's Proba-2 satellite which is currently orbiting the Earth.

Proba-2 is actually one of ESA's low-cost satellites, weighing in at just 130kg it was designed to be a testbed for new low-cost space technologies.

Many of us down on Earth were left disappointed by the solar eclipse after heavy cloud coverage passed over large swathes of the United Kingdom.

That didn't stop thousands from taking to the streets to try and catch a glimpse of the rare phenomenon that won't return to UK shores until 2026, and then fully in 2090.