Mum Pole Dances With Two-Year-Old Strapped To Her Back (Video)

Mum Pole Dances With Two-Year-Old Strapped To Her Back (Video)

A mum who caused a storm by pole dancing in front of her two-year-old daughter has gone one step further: now she's got her toddler strapped to her back!

In a video posted online, Ashley Wright is seen a-twirling and a-whirling as she spins around a shiny pole with daughter Shannon snugly swaddled in a papoose strapped to the mum's back.

It's quite an awesome display of strength and skill!

Ashley, who practices attachment parenting, performs the jaw-dropping pole dancing routine to The Circle of Life from Disney movie The Lion King.

Writing on her blog Ms Wrights Way, Ashley explained: "Many people have watched and fallen in love with my pole dancing videos of my daughter Shannon, running around and interacting with me... So I decided now is the time to create & record another beautiful experience together, like the one we had when I was six months pregnant."

She adds: "It is not so much that my talent (dance) is unique, for we are all unique individuals that can express and receive the same thing differently. It is my delivery and transparency of my truth, my story, projected through movement that is unique.

"When i dance, it is not simply because I enjoy it. I dance because it is a part of being human; a part of who I am. It is a projection of my freedom.

" And not just my physical freedom of which I am not barred down with shackles and chains, but freedom of my mind, freedom of my heart, freedom of my soul; Freedom to Be unapologetically, unabashedly myself, to myself and to the world.

"Dance isn't just movement with or without music. It is a communication tool that resonates in the hearts of the masses.

"So allow yourself to relish in our love. The love I have for self, the love for my daughter, the love we have for each other and the love we have for you.

"This is who I am. And this is why I dance. And most certainly why I dance with my daughter."