Little Girl Shows Her Delight At Baby Sibling News In A Very Funny Way (Video)

Telling your children they're about to get a baby sibling can go one of two ways.

Either they explode in anger, fearing they're about to get pushed out of the nest, or, as in this little girl's case, they explode in a different way!

In a hilarious YouTube clip – which has been viewed more than 500,000 times - mum Megan Williams revealed that her two-year-old daughter Kathryn is constantly asking about a little brother or sister.

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So she decided to sit Kathryn on her dad's lap, and film her reaction as they told her the news using a special book titled 'The Big Sister's Book of Waiting'.

Her dad asks: "Do you know why we've got you this book? Because you're going to be a big sister!"

For Kathryn it was all too much.

As the news soaks in, she struggles to keep her excitement in – literally – leaning over to whisper to her dad: "I farted."

Cue a fit of giggles.

A ruder version of Frozen's Let It Go, perhaps!