24/03/2015 07:56 GMT | Updated 24/05/2015 06:12 BST

Sophia Webster Launches Bridal Shoe Collection

Although the wedding dress is what everyone talks about, every bride-to-be knows it's the shoes that are going to be getting you down that aisle. Which is why picking a pair you love is a priority in the lead up to the big day.

Sophia Webster

Still not found your dream wedding heels? There's good news! Sophia Webster has just launched her first bridal collection.

Webster has given seven of her signature styles (plus two of her iconic speech bubble clutches) a bridal makeover in a colour palette of baby pink, ice blue and ivory. The designs are delicate but daring and best of all, the slogan 'WIFEY FOR LIFEY' is stamped on the sole of each shoe.

Sophia Webster

"As the collection was being brought to life I imagined all sorts of women slipping into the shoes and feeling like queens for that special day," Webster says of her new range. "With that in mind I wanted to use really feminine touches like satin uppers, crystal heels and gem stones, all in delicate tones that would work with classic dresses but add a little flourish."

Our favourites? This Tyra Heart pair. Who said bridal shoes had to be white?

Sophia Webster

Sophia Webster Bridal is available from £350 at and All about comfort? See our pick of the best wedding shoes below: