Anti-Rape Video Released by UCC Students Union To Combat Stigma Around Horrific Crime


A Students Union in Ireland has released a video to help combat the social stigma surrounding rape.

The campaign, titled #BreakTheSilence, has been launched by University College Cork's Students Union in a bid to open a dialogue about the crime.

The video features male and female students talking about common assumptions about rape, and seeks to help victims feel comfortable talking about it.

Speaking about the campaign, a spokesperson said: "In UCC, and in Ireland, rape is not spoken about enough. The ‘hush-hush’ nature of the conversation is damaging to the victims. Our campaign seeks to get rid of the shaming culture in Ireland, in which victims of rape do not feel comfortable to tell someone someone what has happened to them,

"By not talking about rape we silently condone it. It’s up to us, all of us, to Break The Silence."

Dick Murphy, UCCSU Deputy President, was positive about the impact the video could have: “Our campaign seeks to get rid of the shaming culture in Ireland. If we make this issue more spoken about, together we can create an environment in which victims of rape feel comfortable enough to open up to a friend or family member”, he said.

Elsewhere, in the UK, a student at Falmouth University has won first prize in a police competition after designing a series of anti-rape posters.

Bethany Hall, a graphic design student, entered Devon and Cornwall Police's #noblurredlines competition, which seeks promote an anti-rape message on campus.

Last year, The University of Exeter's Students Guild launched their #NeverOk Campaign in a bid to tackle sexual harassment at the University.

The campaign, which features a video starring UK actor David Tennant, seeks to promote the message that sexual harassment can take many forms, and should be defined as "anything that leaves another person feeling uncomfortable".

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