25/03/2015 06:50 GMT | Updated 25/03/2015 11:59 GMT

Costa Rica Is Being Powered Entirely By Wind And Rain

Costa Rica is officially one of the greenest places on Earth right now. The country has just spent the last 75 days being 100 per cent powered by renewable energy sources.

Costa Rica's Electricity Institute announced that due to favourable rainfall early in the year the country has been able to power itself without using a drop of oil, instead getting all of its power from wind, water and solar energy.

We should point out that Costa Rica is at something of an advantage; it has four massive hydroelectric plants and has set itself the ultra-aggressive target of becoming completely carbon neutral by 2021.

Incredibly Costa Rica stands a very real chance of hitting that target, just last year the country was able to produce 80 per cent of its energy through renewable energy sources and even now the country is approving a $900 million geothermal plant that would completely counterbalance any lack of water to the hydroelectric plants.

By building the geothermal plant the country is able to adapt its energy production with the weather, leaning more on either water or heat dependant on the rainfall.