26/03/2015 12:18 GMT | Updated 26/05/2015 10:12 BST

Wife Films Husband's Underwhelmed Reaction To News He's About To Become A Dad (Video)


Finding out you're going to be a dad is one of the greatest moments of a man's life.

Honestly, it is – though you wouldn't think it to look at this dad-to-be's hilariously underwhelmed reaction when he found out his boys could swim.

As is all the rage these days, his wife decided to break the news in a novel way, and then film it for the entertainment of YouTube viewers (650,000 and counting, by the way).

Mum-to-be Kelsey Cocklin, from Nashville, Tennessee, decided to make the big announcement to hubby Jordan using bottles of beer tucked away in the fridge - labelled 'Daddy's Beer' and 'Oops' - and then waited with her camera running as he opened the door.

But when it dawns on Jordan that he is soon to be a dad, he only manages an 'Oh', followed by 'For real?'

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Jordan said his awkward reaction was because of total shock, not disappointment.

He said: "[It was] total shock at first but as soon as she turned off [the camera] we were just ecstatic.

"Any new dad is going to have an original feeling of shock - mine just happened to be caught on camera."

Watch the video here...