Symmetrical Stars: What Do Your Favourite Celebs Look Like With Identical Sides To Their Faces? (Usually, Pretty Weird As It Turns Out)

Who Has The Most Symmetrical Face In Celebland?

According to face experts (yeah, they do exist), the more symmetrical the face, the more attractive a person is, which got us thinking: Just how symmetrical are those stars who don’t exactly look like they’ve been hit by a bus?

Well, thanks to our scientific experiment*, it turns out, some are definitely more symmetrical than others, but, more importantly, when you replicate the same side of these star’s faces, the results are usually hilarious (and often terrifying).

There's always an exception to the rule, of course (yes, we can confirm that Zayn Malik is the king of symmetry), but some stars are unrecognisable with a one dimensional face (we're looking at you Kelly Brook).

Take a look at the pictures below to find out who truly is the fairest of them all...

*Not at all scientific.


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