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WIN An Apple IPad Mini 3 To Celebrate The Launch Of 'Pacca Alpaca - Australia'


Pacca Alpaca

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Encourage children to learn new languages at a young age with this fun new app.

Developed by the creators of the BBC's The Lingo Show, Pacca Alpaca - Australia introduces children to new languages and inspires them to become culturally aware as they embark on a bonza Australian adventure with a cheeky Alpaca.

Designed for children aged two to six years it is the perfect companion for families who love to travel and want kids to do the talking!

Dr. Roberto Filippo, senior lecturer in Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, says:
"There is robust scientific evidence that learning a second language enriches cognitive abilities across the lifespan.

"In particular, bilinguals have an advantage over monolinguals in executive control, a set of brain processes that are the building blocks for attention, learning and decision-making.

"Therefore, second language learning should be encouraged early in life and apps like Pacca Alpaca provide a great resource for parents to do this."

What to expect

Pacca Alpaca - Australia is the first in a series of Pacca Alpaca adventure apps. Each app will introduce children to a new country and cultural setting while they play games and learn new words from five different languages including English, French, Spanish, Mandarin and Arabic.

Pacca is present in all the adventures and his natural sense of curiosity, fun and wonder mirrors the spirit of children aged two to six years old.

Key features of Pacca Alpaca - Australia include:
• Globe trot with Pacca Alpaca and learn new words from a choice of five different languages .
• Play educational games and learn about shapes, colours and numbers.
• Explore exciting places including the Bush, City and Beach.
• Play however you want! No time limits or strict rules.
• No in-app purchases, third party ads or links to social media.

Pacca Alpaca – Australia costs £2.99 and is available on Google Play and The App Store

One lucky winner will receive an Apple iPad Mini 3.

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