Extreme Unicyclist Flaviu Cernescu Unicycles Across Dam In Romania For 'World's Most Talented (VIDEO)

Could you unicycle across the edge of a dam, 166 metres from the ground?

It's an unusual feat, to be sure, but one that Flaviu 'The Extreme Unicyclist' Cernescu has set his mind and considerable power of balance to - despite his fear of heights! - hence his position up stage and centre in the first episode tonight of 'World's Most Talented'.

Watch Flaviu take on Vidaru, Romania's highest dam, in our clip above, with the extra vertigo-inducing help of a camera secured to his helmet.

The series travels across the globe in search of the planet’s most talented amateur performers, who have dedicated years of practice so that they can perform extraordinary and inspiring feats. As well as Flaviu's unusual skill, we meet Mr Budati with Kung Fu skills that can slice a coconut in half... while it is balanced precariously on his wife's throat. As you do...

'World's Most Talented' starts tonight at 9pm on 'Watch'.

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