‘Coronation Street': Shayne Ward Is Waiting To Hear Back After An ‘Incredible' ‘Corrie' Audition

Shayne's One Step Closer To The 'Corrie' Cobbles...

Shayne Ward has addressed rumours that he could be heading for the ‘Coronation Street’ cobbles, revealing that he recently auditioned for the soap.

The former ‘X Factor’ star reckons the initial reports came long before the call from ‘Corrie’ bosses, but all's well that ends well, and he’s now waiting to find out if he’s done enough to nab a job.

Shayne Ward

"Before we knew it, an audition did come in. I couldn't believe it and neither could my management.

“I thought it was incredible, I'm a massive fan of the show and my mum is a huge fan.”

The show’s producer Stuart Blackburn was present for Shayne’s run-through and the singer has even begun thinking about how he’d fit in on t’cobbles.

"I'm not an established actor but I'm willing to learn.”

If Shayne does manage to nab a role, he’ll be joining fellow pop star Sarah Harding, who is set to star in four episodes of the soap later this year.

Sarah received hundreds of messages when she shared the news on Twitter, including one from her former bandmate Nicola Roberts.

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