02/04/2015 11:09 BST | Updated 02/06/2015 10:12 BST

Dad Ties Son's Wobbly Tooth To Car - Then Drives Away (Video)


If ever there was a case of 'don't try this at home' this is it.

This astonishing clip shows the moment a dad wrenches a wobbly tooth from his son's mouth – by tying it to his car and driving away. The car number plate says it all.

Quite how the boy wasn't dragged down the street, we'll never know, but somehow the clip has a happy ending as the boy emerges with a smile on his face and his tooth between his fingers for the fairy to collect.

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Most ordinary parents would simply wait for the tooth to fall out of its own accord, and in extreme cases, we might even consider tying it to a door handle and slamming the door.

But this dad thought a more drastic measure was needed.

In the clip, the boy stands with one end of a piece of string tied to his tooth while the other is attached to boot of a red Chevrolet – also known as a 'muscle car'.

And as his dad sits in the driver's seat, it's obvious what it about to happen.

Revving the engine, the boy's father accelerates and pulls the car forward.

The boy's head jerks slightly as the tooth is whipped out of his mouth, but thankfully he manages to remain on his feet as the vehicle drives away.

Smiling brightly at the camera, the little boy shows off his new gap-toothed grin exclaiming: "It came out!"

The video, uploaded to YouTube by the boy's father Robert Abercrombie, has been viewed more than 300,00 times.

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