30 Things Parents Worry About Every Day, That Will Be OK

30 Things Parents Worry About Every Day (That Will Be OK)

Children bring their parents boundless happiness - but they also bring endless worry.

Whether it's why your baby won't stop grizzling, where your toddler left the one toy they won't sleep without or what time your teenager is going to saunter home in the evening.

But you can take some comfort in the fact you are not alone - a recent poll of 2,000 parents found that 90% feel they face daily challenges bringing up their children, (we're only surprised it wasn't 100%).

And eight in ten admit being a parent is more challenging than they thought it would be.

Have a look through the gallery below to see the top 10 most common worries experienced by parents:

1. Being able to afford everything your child needs or wants.

Things Parents Worry About

A spokeswoman for Rescue Remedy, the brand which commissioned the research said: ‘’Everyone faces some challenges in their day-to-day lives, but for parents, these can be more difficult than most.

‘’Being a parent is a demanding role, but it’s important all mums and dads get a chance to step back and relax at some point in their day.’’

You won't be surprised to learn that the top 10 worries were only the tip of the iceburg. The other things playing on parents' minds included:

11. Giving your child what they want without spoiling them.

12. Worries about whether you are doing the right thing.

13. Getting your child to eat fruit/veg.

14. Going shopping with children in tow.

15. Getting your child to clean their teeth properly, twice a day.

16. Getting time off work when your children are ill.

17. Encouraging your child to stay in bed at night.

18. Sibling rivalry.

19. Knowing the answer to all of your children’s questions.

20. Finding/juggling childcare.

21. Getting your child dressed in the morning.

22. Getting your baby/child to sleep at night.

23. Getting to work on time after the school run.

24. Getting your children to school on time.

25. Stopping your children from swearing or using bad language.

26. Getting your baby/child to sleep through the night.

27. Toilet training.

28. Tackling bullying.

29. Other competitive parent.

30. Trying to keep your children from spending too much time in front of a computer/TV screens.

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