Mum Convicted Of Slapping 'Hysterical' Eight-Year-Old At One Direction Concert

A mum has been convicted for slapping her 'hysterical' eight-year-old daughter at a One Direction concert.

Magistrates in Hendon, north London, heard that the mum – a 34-year-old nurse - 'slapped and grabbed' her daughter as the band performed at Wembley Stadium.

Three music fans alerted security guards who were told by the mother that her daughter had been 'lippy and rude' so she 'had a go at her'.

She claimed the girl was trying to push forward through the crowds so she 'grabbed and smacked' her.

The mum's lawyer said she and her daughter had travelled up from the West Country last June but had been running late and 'emotions were fraught'.

The mother told the court: "I am not a bad mother and she is not a bad kid. [She] was cross because I embarrassed her in front of her friend."

She was convicted of assault on a child in a position of trust and sentenced to 150 hours of community service and an 18-month supervision order.

Tom Evans, defending, said her offence had to be seen in the context of the impact One Direction has on fans.

He said: "It overwhelms the audience. It can be quite shocking. Where your child is misbehaving and appears to have lost control and was trying to get to the front, there are dangers there.

"It is understandable how a parent could be in that situation where emotions are already fraught and you try to gain control."

Prosecutor Kevin Christie said the mother had been drinking before the event and brought alcohol hidden in a water bottle into the venue.

District Judge Denis Brennan said: "Your daughter was excited but also you were stressed due to getting lost.

"You tried to deal with that by having some alcohol. You lost your self-control.

"The injury was relatively minor but who knows the psychological impact it would have had. She was by dint of her age very vulnerable."